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  1. Mohan Pradhan

    I read your article on Escape from Kathmandu ( hope that was the right title) – any way it was about Steve’s Shivapuri height property. An excellent article I must say. How does one keep up with your writings. Also do you do this professionally for preparing websites etc? My name is Mohan and I own and run a one person business called The Trekking Company – established in Canberra in 1988.. Do take a look at my old website – that now needs to be upgraded: – Mohan

  2. Jolene

    So lovely to meet you today Maya and David. Your travel adventures are epic and resonate with my heart. Hope to bump into you guys again.
    Jolene, Frankie and Rosie

    • Catherine & David

      Likewise Jolene! Lovely to meet you too and please keep in touch. We are off to Nepal for more family fun this week and hope that you enjoy reading and watching as we go.

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