Are you working on your next escape?

It’s the far less sexy side of big dreamy sailing adventures. Before the campfire beach sunsets can begin, before whale sharks and surfing, and you get to immerse yourself in the colour and chaos of clashing cultures, there are endless boat jobs, massive provisioning runs, AND round after round of bureaucratic paperwork. Thinks visas, export documents, boat registration, vessel declarations … the list goes on, and the burn-out is real!

You might be wondering what spares to pack (for yourself and your boat), how to provision and pack your stores, how to clear out or into your next country, and whether you need help (agents) to tackle those processes.

Risk takers (and that means you) are excellent at jumping into life. We say ‘yes’ first, then worry about the details later, and that’s a great thing because the first step is the one that so few people take. Wading through what comes next, to get yourself offshore and to some place really remote takes dedication and grit. And that’s where we can help.

Having spent the last five years doing all of the above, the crew on SV Wild One – Catherine, David and Maya – can help. We are sailors, explorers, sailing journalists and an ordinary, Aussie family trying to live the adventurous life that suits us best. It’s a crazy mix of sailing, weather watching, working, schooling, fixing things, building things, and trying to have as much fun as we can, but it’s all definitely worth it.

Talk to us about buying a boat, route planning, anchorages, weather, provisioning, sailing with kids, safety, sea sickness, visas, export docs, working on board, boat schooling … anything that helps you plan your escape.