Get to Know Us.

Hi there!

We are Catherine and Dave – wilderness-loving photojournalists living off-the-grid, always in search of adventure.

Captivated by wild places and passionate about their preservation, we exited the mainstream 20 years ago and have been happily embracing a life of wanderlust ever since.

We work (as digital nomads), travel full-time (aboard our catamaran S.V. WILD ONE and by bike, kayak, 4WD and on foot), and world school our daughter along the way. 

We hope to inspire you, excite you, tell you about places that will make you want to pack your bags, and share with you how we live our best possible life – without four walls, a mortgage or 9-5 jobs. 

We can’t tell you about the world’s hippest bars or trending luxury hotels, and the only galleries we’ll send you to are painted on rock, but we can help you to escape, save money, pack light and guide you to wild experiences that will blow your mind. 

We fund our travels by writing for adventure travel magazines and websites (including ours!), and have written a few guidebooks along the way.

Our first book Highway One – The Ultimate Australian Road Trip was published by Australian Geographic in 2012, based a six-month round-Australia odyssey with our then four-week-old daughter

Our latest travel guide is for lovers of Australia’s tropical north: 100 Things to see in Far North Queensland – you can buy it here!

We launched wildtravelstory to share our greatest passion – the immense joy of a life lived simply and on the move to discover wondrous new places.

We now know that this is possible even with kids, who invariably find amusement in the world around them, and need far less to survive than we saddle ourselves with. 

We are continually adding new stories from our recent adventures so keep in touch.

Field Test your Gear

We love gear that gets us into the outdoors and takes us far from home, so if your company makes products indispensible to adventurous travellers, we’d love to hear about them.

We favour gear produced with a conscience: ethical and environmentally-sound products.

If your product is good and does good, we are happy to field test it, review it and share our thoughts with readers.

Any favourite pieces of kit that survive our punishment make it to the ‘gear we love‘. To discuss our review process, feel free to get in touch.

Partner with us

Our duo (journalist Catherine and photographer Dave) specialises in self-sufficient adventure travel.

That means we dream up, plan for and tackle our own challenging trips, to destinations far off the beaten track.

We do this to create exceptional, unique website content, and to produce dynamic films, magazine features, photo essays, and conduct rigorous, honest reviews of adventure experiences, hotels and equipment for discerning travellers exploring under their own steam.

We are experts in establishing itineraries, stretching budgets, and embracing trips to places that no one else is talking about.

We welcome editorial commissions, website advertising and support from ethical, visionary companies with products or services our readers might be interested in. Please get in touch!

T & C

We travel independently, at our own expense and without endorsements, ensuring our editorial voice is our own. Great care is taken to ensure that all information on this website is correct at the time of posting.

Travel operators however may increase prices or change their deals, services and contact details without notice.

While we endeavour to update our features regularly, we cannot be held responsible if the information offered here is not correct when you get travelling.

If you find that things have changed, get back in touch and let us know about it.