About Us

Our first meeting was a backpacking cliché (yes, we met while travelling in Thailand), but the 18 years since has been one big, adventurous ride for me – Catherine Lawson (travel journalist) – partner David Bristow (Photographer & Cameraman) and our daughter Maya.

Captivated by wild places and passionate about their preservation, we have always been drawn to the outdoors, happily embracing the simple life necessary to exit the mainstream and stay away for good. We hike, climb, 4WD, paddle, snorkel and sail, experiencing and documenting the kinds of outdoor adventures that we hope will inspire all travellers, but especially families, to leave home and get wild.

Since storytelling is how we make a living, we travel most of the year, dividing time between 4WD forays into Australia’s most remote destinations, tackling global roams across Asia and the Pacific, and taking time-out ‘at home’, on our sailing catamaran ‘Storyteller’ based in Cairns, Australia.

For the better part of two decades, David and I have earned our living working for travel, outdoors, food and lifestyle publications and their websites: writing, editing, photographing and filming our experiences.

Our first book Highway One – The Ultimate Australian Road Trip was published by Australian Geographic in 2012, based a six-month round-Australia odyssey with our then four-week-old daughter (now a bomb-proof four-year-old who accompanies us everywhere and is now onto her second passport).

We want to inspire you, excite you, tell you about places that will make you want to pack a bag and explore

We launched this site to share one of our greatest passions with other itchy-footed people: the immense joy of a life lived simply. Let’s face it, who doesn’t feel invigorated and free by the paring down of life’s possessions when you fill a backpack and head off hiking, paddling or backpacking somewhere far, far away.

This is possible even with kids, who invariably find amusement in the world around them, and need far less to survive than we saddle ourselves with.

We want to inspire you, excite you, tell you about places that will make you want to pack a bag and explore, and share with you how we live, travel and raise our child without four walls, a mortgage and 9-5 jobs.

We won’t tell you about the world’s hippest bars, what galleries to see (unless they are Indigenous rock art galleries) or what tours to take, but we can guide you into some of the best wild places we know.

We are gradually building the site with stories from our recent adventures so keep in touch, and if you’ve got a Wild Travel Story, we’d love you to share it with us too!

Our work has appeared in: