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Keen to get lonely for a while? These rugged drives are the stuff of legends, rugged and challenging, with breathtaking rivers, waterholes and wild encounters at every turn.

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30 Free things to do around Cairns

If you can do it outside, you can do it in the tropics and this list of top outdoor adventures from Cairns to the Tablelands and Daintree National Park is oh-so-budget-friendly, guaranteed to fill your days and mothball your wallet. All your need is a lazy couple of weeks, a set of wheels and some outdoor adventure toys.   Outdoors in Cairns:........Read More

Want new ways to explore South Australia's best beach playgrounds, Here’s our pick of top outdoor adventures. Image Credit - David Bristow

Caves, kayaks & Giant Cuttlefish: Beach Hopping the Eyre Peninsula

The Eyre Peninsula: Top 5 Ways to Play Want five new ways to explore Southern Australia’s best beach playground in 2018? Here’s our pick of top outdoor adventures on the unmissable Eyre Peninsula. Snorkel with giant cuttlefish Every winter at False Bay, divers and snorkellers take the plunge to witness thousands of giant cuttlefish........Read More

Far Horizons: Motorbiking the World

Meet Christopher Many & Laura Pattara The world is full of wanderlust and daring, of adventurers and pilgrims who journey far, conquer high mountains and cross empty seas, woo us with their exploits yet invariably, return home to regain less extraordinary lives and to dream again. No so Christopher Many and Laura Pattara: long-term motorbiking........Read More

Boodjamulla – the bucketlist Aussie hotspot every traveller should see

  What’s the big deal about Boodjamulla? For starters, this vivid green waterway that blazes a palm-fringed path through ancient sandstone and across parched spinifex plains towards the Gulf of Carpentaria, is blissfully estuarine crocodile-free. Given that so many NT waterways are currently closed to paddling and swimming (while the booming........Read More

Travel Australia for less $$$

Want to know how to Travel Australia for less? The kilometres may be getting more expensive to cover, but these 5 thrifty tricks are guaranteed to save you money and drive your Aussie road trip further. Travel Australia in the off-season Ever rocked up to a Broome caravan park in winter without a booking or tried to snare a beachfront campsite in........Read More

THE SAVANNAH SERIES Ep1 Burke Developmental Road Adventure

Want to get lonely for a while? Join us as we tackle the back road to Karumba, skirting the southern fringe of Cape York on the little travelled Burke Developmental Road. Here, wild things outnumber travellers, and big river angling and shady waterfront camps are ours alone. After adventuring underground at Chillagoe Caves, we discover Indigenous........Read More

The 6 best places to wake up in Australia

Trephina Gorge Before sunrise in the West MacDonnell Ranges, we abandon our cosy beds to join black-flanked rock wallabies in their rocky playground, spooking lorikeets and finches as we cross the tiny trickle of water flowing through Trephina Gorge. After just 20 minutes on the Panorama Track, one of the best vistas in the Red Centre is all ours........Read More

Aussie Adventures – How to tackle a Big Lap for less

Do you dream of tackling a Big Lap on your next Aussie adventure but don’t know where to begin? As winter approaches, now is the time to plot your course, pack your bags and hit the road, and here’s how to make it happen. Dream Big In those dreamy moments when you picture yourself in the great Australian outback, are you floating beneath........Read More

Tackling the Gibb River Road: Australia’s Ultimate Bucketlist Adventure

One of Australia’s last bastions of wilderness, the Kimberley is our final frontier: remote, raw and as enigmatic as ever. From the King Leopold Ranges to Kununurra, this vast savannah landscape of rugged red ranges and hidden gorges, adorned with ancient Indigenous art and home to rare, rarely seen wildlife, remains isolated, pristine and one of........Read More

Red Dirt Adventures on the Outback Way

Just left of the Red Centre, a remote ribbon of dirt cuts through Australia’s largest red sand desert, luring adventurous travellers west of Uluru on a thousand kilometre-long journey into WA. Across this surprisingly colourful landscape where camels roam and dingoes howl, you’ll discover crumbling painted canyons, Iost caves and rock........Read More