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Keen to get lonely for a while? These rugged drives are the stuff of legends, rugged and challenging, with breathtaking rivers, waterholes and wild encounters at every turn.

What are you waiting for? Grab your keys and drive!

Why Kakadu is Australia’s best national park

Dazzling visitors with kaleidoscopic natural scenes and 100 ways to explore them, Kakadu National Park is easily the best place to spend any chunk of time in the Territory’s far north. Why? Because where else but in Kakadu can you battle barramundi on a croc-filled lagoon, tackle off-road adventures that end beneath tremendous, sheer-drop........Read More

Four-wheel Driving Cape York – Part 2

Weipa to the Tip: After reeling in our fishing lines in Weipa we push north across Cape York, discovering windswept beaches and spine-tingling waterfalls en route to Frangipani Bay and a camping spot at the very tip of Australia. We leave Weipa with weighty stocks of cheap fuel and food on board, taking a shortcut through Batavia Downs and........Read More

Four-wheel Driving Cape York – Part 1

Laura to Weipa: Past rainforested tropical beaches, spring-fed waterfalls and remote, barramundi-filled waterways, the rugged run to the very tip of Cape York is the highly rated bucket-list adventure almost every off-roader dreams of. To stand at the most northern point of Australia is ultimately the goal, but it’s the journey itself that makes........Read More

Kimberley’s New Mega National Park

With plans afoot to develop Australia’s biggest national park in the northwest Kimberley, there is no time like right now to discover King Edward River’s remarkable Indigenous rock art galleries and take a hike to Mitchell Falls without the crowds. When resource giants Rio Tinto and Alcoa relinquished their mining rights on the Mitchell Plateau........Read More

King Edward River Kimberley Adventure – Munurru’s Rock Art

In the Kimberley’s far northwest where the King Edward River divides the countries of Ngarinyin and Wunambal peoples, the sacred dreaming place known as Munurru records a 40,000-year-old history on its weathered sandstone walls. The greatest story is also the most recent, recorded at Bundjamanumanu about 1000 years old after a long tribal battle........Read More

Cape Leveque’s calm, deep blue

Boasting possibly the best beaches in the Kimberley, Cape Leveque is a dream destination for off-road travellers: remote, breathtakingly beautiful and supplying excellent services you won’t expect to find this far off the beaten track. The corrugations are conquered in a morning’s drive north of Broome and there’s nothing like a relaxing float in........Read More

Sunset over Wurre – Rainbow Valley, Australia

Camped upon ‘Wurre”, one of the last hunting and gathering grounds of the Upper Southern Arrernte people, travellers wait all day to witness one of nature’s most vibrant desert spectacles. As the setting sun ignites this multicoloured landscape of sandstone bluffs and crumbling cliffs, Rainbow Valley glows in brilliant boldness, its bands of rust........Read More