Dive into the big blue

There exists a place with the bluest water on earth, where turtles outnumber snorkellers and days begin and end underwater.

If your nirvana lies under the sea, you’ve come to the right place.

Maratua Island – Indonesia’s Paradise Found

Snorkelling along the edge of the reef, Maratua’s sheer wall of coral disappears into the blue, a swirling mass of tropical fish dazzling me at every turn. Suddenly the turtles sense my presence and peel off the wall in synchronised succession, one, two, three….I count eight ahead of me, drifting alongside as the current carries us south........Read More

Underwater statue s Gili Meno Indonesia

The Gili Islands: Bali’s best escape

Why we love the Gili Islands As Bali’s most popular island escape, the Gili Islands trio of tropical isles, each with distinctly different personalities, is where every traveller finds their perfect fit. Each island nurtures a distinctly different scene, naturally segregating the party-hard backpackers who arrive in droves for Gili Trawagan, from........Read More

Swimming Babinda Boulders Queensland

Babinda Boulders: Discover North Queensland’s Favourite Waterhole

Rainforest Escape Nestled against the rainforested slopes of Queensland’s highest mountain, enormous granite boulders divert the flow of Babinda Creek into deep, translucent pools and over treacherous granite falls Each year more than four-and-a-half metres of rain falls on the tiny town of Babinda, snagged by Mount Bartle Frere’s towering 1622........Read More

Sailing Komodo Islands

How to book the best deal and Cruise Komodo

Komodo National Park It’s the single best thing you can experience in Flores, but choosing a cruise through Komodo National Park can be a bit of a head-trip. We’ve nailed down all the information we were looking for (but couldn’t find) to help you avoid the endless online searches before you hit Labuan Bajo. If you want to know how to get........Read More

Cruising Komodo: Are you ready for Indonesia’s best island escape?

Protecting 29 islands and home to the world’s largest whale, largest ray AND the largest lizards on earth, World Heritage-listed Komodo National Park packs a big punch, but cruising here couldn’t be more serene. Looking for reasons to get yourself to Komodo, less than an hour of air time east of Denpasar? Here’s six experiences........Read More

Budget Guide to Kalimantan

Budget Guide to Kalimantan

How to explore Kalimantan on the cheap. If you are looking for the road less travelled, you’ll find it Indonesian Kalimantan: the bigger, wilder and much less travelled chunk of Borneo. What you can do here on a budget (with a bit of grit and determination) is outstanding and worth every hour in a madly swerving taxi, overstuffed bus or spine........Read More

Croc-free Swims & Hot Springs – Top 6 waterholes in Australia’s north

Carved with a labyrinth of deep, chilly gorges and harbouring emerald rivers and piping hot springs, Northern Australia is a great place to get wet (despite its rather croccy reputation). From Cape York to the Kimberley, here’s our pick of the very best outback waterholes and bubbling thermal pools, tropical oases and rainforested spa baths, all........Read More

Top 5 Far North Queensland Waterholes

Twin Falls – Jardine River National Park, Cape York Almost 90 years have passed since the first car reached the tip of Cape York, but off-roaders still struggle to navigate the rutted, washed-out track that leads to my favourite waterhole beneath Twin Falls. Despite taking up to 25 patient minutes to tackle the 10km detour along the Old........Read More

Raising our family on a Sailboat

  “Has Maya ever fallen overboard”  That’s the first question most people ask when I tell them that our home is a sailboat. “Wow, how amazing” they invariably say, staring at me with raised eyebrows that really say “we are never signing up for a play date at your place!” Admittedly, ours is a very unconventional lifestyle, not only........Read More

The Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

Running away to a tropical island is a dream escape for many travellers, but if you stick to the beaten path in Southeast Asia, you might well find that everyone else is running away with you. The Perhentian Islands off Peninsula Malaysia’s far north-east coast are famed for their excellent snorkelling and diving, and it’s on the smaller island of........Read More