Kayak & Canoe

Put some ocean between yourself and the everyday and paddle away to an archipelago of possibilities.

Discover islands girthed by coral blooms, surf the swell with dugongs and dolphins, and pitch a tent on your own white sand paradise.

Want new ways to explore South Australia's best beach playgrounds, Here’s our pick of top outdoor adventures. Image Credit - David Bristow

Caves, kayaks & Giant Cuttlefish: Beach Hopping the Eyre Peninsula

The Eyre Peninsula: Top 5 Ways to Play Want five new ways to explore Southern Australia’s best beach playground in 2018? Here’s our pick of top outdoor adventures on the unmissable Eyre Peninsula. Snorkel with giant cuttlefish Every winter at False Bay, divers and snorkellers take the plunge to witness thousands of giant cuttlefish........Read More

The 6 best places to wake up in Australia

Trephina Gorge Before sunrise in the West MacDonnell Ranges, we abandon our cosy beds to join black-flanked rock wallabies in their rocky playground, spooking lorikeets and finches as we cross the tiny trickle of water flowing through Trephina Gorge. After just 20 minutes on the Panorama Track, one of the best vistas in the Red Centre is all ours........Read More

Sea Kayaking the Dampier Archipelago

Midway up Australia’s rugged western coastline, beyond the rusty ironstone hills of the Burrup Peninsula, Flying Foam Passage leads boaties into an archipelago of reef-fringed islands to snorkel, fish and camp in solitude. Clustered in a 45km-radius from land and irresistibly close for travellers with a sea kayak or tinny on board, the Dampier........Read More

Island Camping – FNQ Australia

FORGET private-island pampering and expensive exclusivity. For travellers who take holidays tinged with adventure, what could be more challenging than a tropical island jaunt without the hangers-on (and that means spa therapists and personal butlers). Dotting the coastline from Cairns to Cardwell lie more than a dozen reef-fringed, rainforested........Read More