Wildlife Encounters

Cruising Komodo: Are you ready for Indonesia’s best island escape?

Protecting 29 islands and home to the world’s largest whale, largest ray AND the largest lizards on earth, World Heritage-listed Komodo National Park packs a big punch, but cruising here couldn’t be more serene. Looking for reasons to get yourself to Komodo, less than an hour of air time east of Denpasar? Here’s six experiences........Read More

Budget Guide to Kalimantan

Budget Guide to Kalimantan

How to explore Kalimantan on the cheap. If you are looking for the road less travelled, you’ll find it Indonesian Kalimantan: the bigger, wilder and much less travelled chunk of Borneo. What you can do here on a budget (with a bit of grit and determination) is outstanding and worth every hour in a madly swerving taxi, overstuffed bus or spine........Read More

The wild Orangutang of Indonesian Borneo

Borneo’s Wild Orangutans: Kutai National Park

Tracking Orangutans It’s hot and steamy away from the Sangatta River but a distant boom lures us deep into the forest where wild orangutans roam. The air thickens as the canopy closes overhead and we sweat along skinny foot trails, craning our necks skyward at every rustle and crossing our fingers, searching for a telltale flash of amber in the........Read More

Meet Tropical Queensland’s most captivating wildlife

From Lumholtz’s tree kangaroos to cassowaries and crocodiles, far north Queensland’s wildlife is some of the most fascinating on the planet (and it’s not the least bit cuddly!). Read on to discover the best places to encounter our most captivating creatures, and top places to stay on your next tropical wildlife adventure.   Lumholtz’s........Read More

Spotting Leopards in Sri Lanka – Wild Wetlands of Wilpattu

Keen to jump aboard a jeep and track down elephants, sloth bears, mugger crocodiles and leopards? Look no further than Sri Lanka’s largest and most surprising nature reserve: the freshwater wetlands of Wilpattu National Park. Protected since 1938 but closed to the public during Sri Lanka’s long, war-torn years, Wilpattu reopened in 2003 and has........Read More

Jungle Time, Sarawak Malaysian Borneo

Malaysian Borneo might seem like a distant destination, but from Kuching – Sarawak’s Capital of Cats – the wilderness is within easy reach. Watch orangutans feed, laze on limestone beaches eyeballing rare proboscis monkeys, or follow a jungle guide in search of the world’s biggest (and stinkiest) flower. Sarawak’s national parks........Read More

Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures, Cairns Australia

Motoring across Hartley’s Lagoon on a hot and humid wet season morning, hungry, yet-to-be fed salties surface from the depths into clear view. Sidling alongside our tiny boat for their share of the breakfast bounty, three and four-metre-long crocodiles come within arm’s reach, snapping their formidable jaws around a tasty morsel dangling from an........Read More

Sri Lankan’s Best Elephant Safari

The sun beats down on our open safari jeep, thumping along a muddy track through Hurulu Eco Park in central Sri Lanka. Sporting big hats and a lather of sunscreen, we spot birds and lizards and take in lovely grassland vistas, but it takes a huge pungent pile of steaming elephant dung to really get us excited. Within minutes, flapping their big........Read More

The Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

Running away to a tropical island is a dream escape for many travellers, but if you stick to the beaten path in Southeast Asia, you might well find that everyone else is running away with you. The Perhentian Islands off Peninsula Malaysia’s far north-east coast are famed for their excellent snorkelling and diving, and it’s on the smaller island of........Read More

Penguins of Hall Point, Tasmania

Flanked by long stretches of white sand beach, sites at this unassuming camp are keenly sought after, snapped up by travellers with self-contained motorhomes, caravans and campervans long before day’s end. The chance to free camp on such a beautiful stretch of Tassie’s northwest coast would be enough to ensure Hall Point’s popularity, but there is........Read More