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Power up and get set for some freewheeling fun. It’s slow, budget travel as its best and this is the most free you’ll ever feel.

The best legs of your life await so let’s ride!

Cycling Java’s Secret South Coast

Escaping Jakarta Cycling out of Jakarta is pure madness: the surging crush of motorbikes and buses, trucks and taxis, all racing and suddenly braking through impossibly slender streets. We dive into the mayhem before we lose heart, hoping like hell that nobody clips us and kills off this great Java adventure before it begins. Escaping Indonesia’s........Read More

Cycling Southeast Asia with Kids

Our NEW guide to cycle touring Malaysia, Southern Thailand and Java (with your kids on board). Why cycling? It’s difficult to describe the inescapable freedom of travelling the world by bicycle: of waking up and packing your gear, throwing a leg over your trusty bike and just cycling away to anywhere you want to go. There’s no haggling over a taxi........Read More

Road Trip Tasmania: Biking the East Coast

At Tasmania’s aptly named Bay of Fires, the sun breaks through under an arching rainbow, bathing us in a feel-good golden light. We push our fully-laden touring bikes to the edge of a blissfully blue bay that sways with great gardens of giant kelp and fall on it, climbing afterwards onto weathered granite slabs to warm ourselves as the sun........Read More

Travel Malaysia on AUD$50 a day

When our budget-conscious trio set out to explore Malaysia’s less-travelled East Coast, we had no idea we could travel Malaysia on AUD$50 a day. Live well and spend so little: here’s how we did it. For us, it turned out to be the best way to get fit, travel slowly and enjoy the company of locals at every coffee stop, lunch break and noodle........Read More

Warm Showers Hosting, more or less

It’s couch surfing for touring cyclists and its called Warm Showers (perhaps because a good wash trumps a comfy sit down when you’re a sweaty biker). For foreign cyclists looking to meet locals while travelling and experience just of slice of living as they do, this online hospitality exchange site is a top idea. You get to connect with........Read More

Cycle Touring, the Kindness of Strangers

I was more terrified of cycling through Singapore than I was of giving birth. Big call I know, but the mere thought of muscling my way through Singapore’s surging sea of oversized vehicles with my four-year-old balancing on the back of my fully-laden touring bike left me in a cold sweat. We had planned on kickstarting our cycle touring........Read More

How to plan a cycle touring trip in 2 weeks

  Our one-way flights to Singapore were already locked in when we decided to BYO bikes and go cycle touring through South-east Asia with our four-year-old daughter Maya. we set about putting together our cycling kit in under two weeks. There was so much to research and organise it was almost overwhelming, but with poignant memories of........Read More

Inle Lake: a Sea of Contrast

On Inle Lake at dawn, our noisy longtail zips across calm waters towards Nampan Market, gently rocking the bow of a slender wooden boat where a fisherman poises as he casts his net. Paddling in the traditional Intha style, one leg wrapped snugly around his wooden blade, he is the epitome of calm, his attention focused intently on the simple act of........Read More

Biking the Temples of Angkor

We heard the squealing pig long before we saw it. Having forgotten to pack the head torches, we were cycling blind in the pre-dawn darkness along a Cambodian road without streetlights. The pig strapped upside down on the back of the motorbike was finally illuminated in the headlights of a passing tuk-tuk with just seconds to spare. We should have........Read More