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Sri Lanka’s South Coast: 5 Best Places to Unwind

Tangalle to Galle Strung out in a swaying hammock, fresh frangipani buds in one hand and a rum coconut in the other, I while away the hours before dinner, too unwound to even pick up a book. I could be surfing or boating amongst blue whales, or poking around in search of yet another secret strip of sand, but there’s no need: nirvana is right here........Read More

Cycling Java’s Secret South Coast

Escaping Jakarta Cycling out of Jakarta is pure madness: the surging crush of motorbikes and buses, trucks and taxis, all racing and suddenly braking through impossibly slender streets. We dive into the mayhem before we lose heart, hoping like hell that nobody clips us and kills off this great Java adventure before it begins. Escaping Indonesia’s........Read More

Maya Bristow Youngest Australian to trek to Everest Base Camp

Youngest Australian reaches Everest Base Camp, aged 6

Meet our gusty six-year-old daughter Maya Bristow who in May 2018, walked herself into the record books as the youngest Australian to trek independently to Nepal’s Everest Base Camp. Our pint-sized adventurer from Cairns, Australia, reached the foot of the world’s highest peak on 21st May after trekking for a solid 14 days through Nepal’s Solu........Read More

Maratua Island – Indonesia’s Paradise Found

Snorkelling along the edge of the reef, Maratua’s sheer wall of coral disappears into the blue, a swirling mass of tropical fish dazzling me at every turn. Suddenly the turtles sense my presence and peel off the wall in synchronised succession, one, two, three….I count eight ahead of me, drifting alongside as the current carries us south........Read More

Off the beaten path in Bangkok: 7 Top Things that locals love 

Bangkok’s Best Green Space Bangkok might be hellishly hectic but the city boasts a surprising number of green zones where you can reenergise, exercise and chill out. Covering more ground than you could explore in a day is Chatuchak Discovery Garden – a whopping 112 hectares of lotus ponds, picnic grounds, al fresco gyms, a butterfly house........Read More

The Route to Everest Base Camp: Get Trekking

Our Everest Itinerary We spent 14 days hiking from Phaplu to Everest Base Camp, and another five days getting back to the airport at Lukla. Below is a breakdown of the itinerary we trekked, which will give you an idea of the overall route. If you fly into Lukla, the route above Namche will be the same, but how you break up your trek and how long........Read More

Trek to Everest Base Camp

Of all the captivating mountains on the planet, the one so many of us strive to get close to is Mount Everest. Wrapped in ethereal wonder, fuelled by the storytelling of our youths, this mountain alone attracts the majority of Nepal’s trekking tourism, and more of us than ever are turning up to trek her foothills to spend just a few hours in her........Read More

Underwater statue s Gili Meno Indonesia

The Gili Islands: Bali’s best escape

Why we love the Gili Islands As Bali’s most popular island escape, the Gili Islands trio of tropical isles, each with distinctly different personalities, is where every traveller finds their perfect fit. Each island nurtures a distinctly different scene, naturally segregating the party-hard backpackers who arrive in droves for Gili Trawagan, from........Read More

Nautilus Aviation Helicopter Flight Cairns

Nautilus Aviation: Sky high over the Great Barrier Reef

Cairns to the Reef Helicopters are cool. These bubbles of whirring metal that dip and dive at high speed and bank at thrilling angles to swoop us closer to the world, pack a good rush and unbeatable views into one gripping adventure. But when my family came to town and the idea was floated that we take a chopper ride out over the Great Barrier........Read More

Nepal Himalaya. Image Credit David Bristow

Walking out of Kathmandu – The 3-day trip anyone can tackle

Kathmandu Valley’s Best Walking Tour If you thought that the only way to glimpse Nepal’s spectacular Himalayan peaks was by tackling an arduous mountain trek, this three-day wander out of Kathmandu is going to surprise you! Not only does it deliver jaw-dropping mountain panoramas that stretch from the Annapurnas all the way east to Mt........Read More