Aussie Adventures – How to tackle a Big Lap for less

Do you dream of tackling a Big Lap on your next Aussie adventure but don’t know where to begin? As winter approaches, now is the time to plot your course, pack your bags and hit the road, and here’s how to make it happen. Dream Big In those dreamy moments when you picture yourself in the great Australian outback, are you floating beneath........Read More

Meet Tropical Queensland’s most captivating wildlife

From Lumholtz’s tree kangaroos to cassowaries and crocodiles, far north Queensland’s wildlife is some of the most fascinating on the planet (and it’s not the least bit cuddly!). Read on to discover the best places to encounter our most captivating creatures, and top places to stay on your next tropical wildlife adventure.   Lumholtz’s........Read More

Road Trip Tasmania: Biking the East Coast

At Tasmania’s aptly named Bay of Fires, the sun breaks through under an arching rainbow, bathing us in a feel-good golden light. We push our fully-laden touring bikes to the edge of a blissfully blue bay that sways with great gardens of giant kelp and fall on it, climbing afterwards onto weathered granite slabs to warm ourselves as the sun........Read More

Tackling the Gibb River Road: Australia’s Ultimate Bucketlist Adventure

One of Australia’s last bastions of wilderness, the Kimberley is our final frontier: remote, raw and as enigmatic as ever. From the King Leopold Ranges to Kununurra, this vast savannah landscape of rugged red ranges and hidden gorges, adorned with ancient Indigenous art and home to rare, rarely seen wildlife, remains isolated, pristine and one of........Read More

Croc-free Swims & Hot Springs – Top 6 waterholes in Australia’s north

Carved with a labyrinth of deep, chilly gorges and harbouring emerald rivers and piping hot springs, Northern Australia is a great place to get wet (despite its rather croccy reputation). From Cape York to the Kimberley, here’s our pick of the very best outback waterholes and bubbling thermal pools, tropical oases and rainforested spa baths, all........Read More

Red Dirt Adventures on the Outback Way

Just left of the Red Centre, a remote ribbon of dirt cuts through Australia’s largest red sand desert, luring adventurous travellers west of Uluru on a thousand kilometre-long journey into WA. Across this surprisingly colourful landscape where camels roam and dingoes howl, you’ll discover crumbling painted canyons, Iost caves and rock........Read More

Sea Kayaking the Dampier Archipelago

Midway up Australia’s rugged western coastline, beyond the rusty ironstone hills of the Burrup Peninsula, Flying Foam Passage leads boaties into an archipelago of reef-fringed islands to snorkel, fish and camp in solitude. Clustered in a 45km-radius from land and irresistibly close for travellers with a sea kayak or tinny on board, the Dampier........Read More

Why Kakadu is Australia’s best national park

Dazzling visitors with kaleidoscopic natural scenes and 100 ways to explore them, Kakadu National Park is easily the best place to spend any chunk of time in the Territory’s far north. Why? Because where else but in Kakadu can you battle barramundi on a croc-filled lagoon, tackle off-road adventures that end beneath tremendous, sheer-drop........Read More

Four-wheel Driving Cape York – Part 2

Weipa to the Tip: After reeling in our fishing lines in Weipa we push north across Cape York, discovering windswept beaches and spine-tingling waterfalls en route to Frangipani Bay and a camping spot at the very tip of Australia. We leave Weipa with weighty stocks of cheap fuel and food on board, taking a shortcut through Batavia Downs and........Read More

Four-wheel Driving Cape York – Part 1

Laura to Weipa: Past rainforested tropical beaches, spring-fed waterfalls and remote, barramundi-filled waterways, the rugged run to the very tip of Cape York is the highly rated bucket-list adventure almost every off-roader dreams of. To stand at the most northern point of Australia is ultimately the goal, but it’s the journey itself that makes........Read More