Top 4 ways to see Bagan

Bagan – it’s Myanmar’s most extravagant temple site and THE reason this formerly difficult-to-visit country has become one of the hottest destinations for intrepid travel in Asia. Jump aboard a slow boat on the Ayeyarwaddy River, float above this vast religious landscape in a hot air balloon, or cycle through it, losing yourself in a sea of........Read More

Sunset Ngwe Saung

Myanmar’s next Big Thing…. Ngwe Saung Beach

Lonely Planet rates Ngwe Saung as a nothing-to-do kind of place, but when you haven’t seen the ocean for a month, this untarnished beach of fine white-sand is just the thing to soothe your travel-weary soul. Coconut palms shade bamboo bungalows and sunny days pass by in a lazy haze as you swim and surf and sip green coconuts on the sand, surfacing........Read More


5 places that will blow your mind in 2017

  Want to find yourself exploring the hottest destinations in Southeast Asia this year? Step off the beaten track and find out why Wild Travel Story named these the best places to discover in 2017. BAGAN, Myanmar What makes Myanmar’s most extravagant temple site one of the hottest destinations in Southeast Asia for 2017? Jump aboard a slow........Read More

Inle Lake: a Sea of Contrast

On Inle Lake at dawn, our noisy longtail zips across calm waters towards Nampan Market, gently rocking the bow of a slender wooden boat where a fisherman poises as he casts his net. Paddling in the traditional Intha style, one leg wrapped snugly around his wooden blade, he is the epitome of calm, his attention focused intently on the simple act of........Read More

Wild about Burma

Burma might not seem an obvious choice for travelling families, but with instant online visas, ATMS now operating throughout the country and a travel itinerary linking four wildly child-friendly destinations, this alluring, easily accessible nation is rapidly climbing the must-see list. The country’s people are generous and welcoming, the sights........Read More