Food glorious food

Open your mouth and let the adventure begin. Fill your belly, tantalise your tastebuds, sustain local livelihoods and thrive.

Fish for dinner….anyone?

North of Cooktown at remote Connies Beach, a strip of silky white sand fringed by pandanus and coconut palms arcs around Cape Flattery’s shimmering blue bay. Attracting only a handful of adventurous 4WD campers at a time, this peaceful spot where big tuna get airborne and sea eagles soar, promises great fishing, whether you’re trolling for........Read More

Street Food – How to eat well & change the world

Street food, it’s fast to cook, cheap to buy, and created right under your nose as you hover beside a hot wok or a smoky roadside barbecue, watching mouth-watering meals take shape in mere minutes. I’ve been known to spend entire journeys eating nothing but street food, crouched on curbs beside tiny food carts, chilling with icy beers at balmy........Read More

Kathmandu’s Good Karma Coffee

Gloriously sweet marsala tea is very much a Nepali staple but more and more coffee aficionados are beating a path to Coffee, a hidden gem tucked away in Lalitpur. Here, the aroma of freshly brewed, Nepali grown coffee is as intoxicating as the good you’ll be doing just by drinking it. This is much more than a great place to get........Read More