Annapurna made easy: How to trek Nepal with your child

Annapurna Bliss On the Annapurna Circuit, high above Kagbeni where snowy peaks shadow the once forbidden Himalayan kingdom of Mustang, we cross paths with a group of white-robed sadhus on the trail. Unburdened by backpacks and carrying tridents and little else, these bare-footed pilgrims accept sweets from our four-year-old before pushing on up........Read More

Fish for dinner….anyone?

North of Cooktown at remote Connies Beach, a strip of silky white sand fringed by pandanus and coconut palms arcs around Cape Flattery’s shimmering blue bay. Attracting only a handful of adventurous 4WD campers at a time, this peaceful spot where big tuna get airborne and sea eagles soar, promises great fishing, whether you’re trolling for........Read More

Aussie Adventures – How to tackle a Big Lap for less

Do you dream of tackling a Big Lap on your next Aussie adventure but don’t know where to begin? As winter approaches, now is the time to plot your course, pack your bags and hit the road, and here’s how to make it happen. Dream Big In those dreamy moments when you picture yourself in the great Australian outback, are you floating beneath........Read More

Minimalist travel – 5 reasons kids make awesome travellers

It takes a certain kind of mindset to be truly happy with less, but kids are experts at it. They tune into their environments, wherever they are, play with what’s at hand and talk to whoever is listening. They don’t need an excess of toys, they don’t need an excess of technology, they don’t need screen time or ballet lessons or overpriced art........Read More

Travel photography – How to shoot like a professional

Nothing tells a story like a really good photograph and being able to take one is de rigueur for every traveller keen to track their adventures on blogs, Facebook and Instagram. With exciting new destinations to explore and wildly unfamiliar scenes, light and people to capture, travel photography and video challenges your creativity and flexes........Read More

Street Food – How to eat well & change the world

Street food, it’s fast to cook, cheap to buy, and created right under your nose as you hover beside a hot wok or a smoky roadside barbecue, watching mouth-watering meals take shape in mere minutes. I’ve been known to spend entire journeys eating nothing but street food, crouched on curbs beside tiny food carts, chilling with icy beers at balmy........Read More

Java’s Secret Pleasure Palace

Imagine an extravagant castle full of luxurious bathing pools and rooms built for pleasure that was so secret you could only enter via a hidden underground passage tunnelled beneath a lake. This was Indonesia’s Taman Sari about 250 years ago and it was here that the city’s king pin – Sultan Hamengkubuwono the 1st – indulged his........Read More

Kids trekking and the risks – (AMS) Acute Mountain Sickness

Travelling with children is never without risk, and as our list of overseas visits lengthens, it was only a matter of time before we experienced some new situation regarding our child’s health. It happened while trekking Nepal’s Annapurna Circuit: acute mountain sickness. We were tackling a gentle route out of Pokhara up the western side of the........Read More

Trekking in Nepal with Kids – the Ultimate Guide

  For families with small children, Nepal is an unlikely destination to spend time in the outdoors, but after three weeks on the Annapurna Circuit, I’m happy to say that it has been one of the best family adventures we’ve tackled so far. With superb mountain views, intriguing cultures to encounter, and enough teahouses and hotels dotted along........Read More

The Edge of Mustang

Chasing the Kali Gandaki River upstream on the western edge of the Annapurna Mountains, we climb above the tree line to find ourselves dwarfed by a towering, barren landscape of eroded rock plateaus and crumbling peaks. Lured to the ancient village of Kagbeni on the edge of Mustang and the restricted lands that buffer Tibet, we follow the Kali........Read More