Plan Pack & Go!

Don’t sweat that daunting to-do list: here’s the help you need to prep, pack and get yourself somewhere truly amazing.


Far Horizons: Motorbiking the World

Meet Christopher Many & Laura Pattara The world is full of wanderlust and daring, of adventurers and pilgrims who journey far, conquer high mountains and cross empty seas, woo us with their exploits yet invariably, return home to regain less extraordinary lives and to dream again. No so Christopher Many and Laura Pattara: long-term motorbiking........Read More

My Top 5 Travel Traditions

What quirky little routines do you fly away with when you travel overseas? Superstitious or celebratory, everyone plots, plans and packs for their adventures just a little bit differently. Here are five traditions that shape and inspire every one of my escapes. G&T and Fly Every time I travel out of Australia I order a G&T. Just one mind........Read More

Travel Australia for less $$$

Want to know how to Travel Australia for less? The kilometres may be getting more expensive to cover, but these 5 thrifty tricks are guaranteed to save you money and drive your Aussie road trip further. Travel Australia in the off-season Ever rocked up to a Broome caravan park in winter without a booking or tried to snare a beachfront campsite in........Read More

Aussie Adventures – How to tackle a Big Lap for less

Do you dream of tackling a Big Lap on your next Aussie adventure but don’t know where to begin? As winter approaches, now is the time to plot your course, pack your bags and hit the road, and here’s how to make it happen. Dream Big In those dreamy moments when you picture yourself in the great Australian outback, are you floating beneath........Read More

Travel photography – How to shoot like a professional

Nothing tells a story like a really good photograph and being able to take one is de rigueur for every traveller keen to track their adventures on blogs, Facebook and Instagram. With exciting new destinations to explore and wildly unfamiliar scenes, light and people to capture, travel photography and video challenges your creativity and flexes........Read More

Travel Malaysia on AUD$50 a day

When our budget-conscious trio set out to explore Malaysia’s less-travelled East Coast, we had no idea we could travel Malaysia on AUD$50 a day. Live well and spend so little: here’s how we did it. For us, it turned out to be the best way to get fit, travel slowly and enjoy the company of locals at every coffee stop, lunch break and noodle........Read More

4 free ways to entertain kids in Kuala Lumpur

There are plenty of ways to entertain kids at a cost in KL, but for good, free fun, combine these four top spots into one or two adventurous days. Start with a train ride to Batu Caves, then cool off at KLCC’s water park and mega outdoor playground. Head to Little India in search of cheap eats and funky Hindu temples, and cool your heels........Read More

How to plan a cycle touring trip in 2 weeks

  Our one-way flights to Singapore were already locked in when we decided to BYO bikes and go cycle touring through South-east Asia with our four-year-old daughter Maya. we set about putting together our cycling kit in under two weeks. There was so much to research and organise it was almost overwhelming, but with poignant memories of........Read More

5 things you never want to hear when travelling with kids

1. “I can’t find the passports” I’m still getting over this one, but I really did utter those words in Kuala Lumpur last year when I lost our passports, all our available cash, emergency USD and travellers cheques, credit and debit cards en route to the airport. Everything! All in one tidy little package! I know, 20 years travelling and I........Read More

Taking risks with your kids

A week ago when my usually surefooted four-year-old swung off the rigging of our catamaran and slammed into the bridgedeck window, my panic spiked as I rummaged through the blood pouring out of her mouth to check her teeth. There were plenty of tears but the teeth were all intact, so I doled out cuddles and an ice pack and took a great photo of........Read More