Plan Pack & Go!

Don’t sweat that daunting to-do list: here’s the help you need to prep, pack and get yourself somewhere truly amazing.


Babes in the bush

David and I kickstarted our ‘camping with kids’ foray in ambitious style, taking our four-week-old newborn on a five month-long assignment for Australian Geographic back in 2012. Blissfully ignorant of what lay ahead, it was a baptism by fire, parenting our little bundle 27,000km around Australia in a tiny off-road van. In all, we wrote one book........Read More

Backpacking with Kids

I sometimes set out for a day with my daughter hauling so much stuff that I swear my partner thinks I’m leaving him: great, bulging bags crammed with library books and lunch boxes, swimming gear and sunscreen, hats and spares and wipes and water bottles! He loves to remind me that I take less gear backpacking, and you know what? Some days it’s........Read More