With Kids

Family vs Adventure: who says you have to choose? Pack your bags, ditch that boring daily routine and take the plunge.

Your kids will love you for it.   #NoExcuses

4 free ways to entertain kids in Kuala Lumpur

There are plenty of ways to entertain kids at a cost in KL, but for good, free fun, combine these four top spots into one or two adventurous days. Start with a train ride to Batu Caves, then cool off at KLCC’s water park and mega outdoor playground. Head to Little India in search of cheap eats and funky Hindu temples, and cool your heels........Read More

Cycle Touring, the Kindness of Strangers

I was more terrified of cycling through Singapore than I was of giving birth. Big call I know, but the mere thought of muscling my way through Singapore’s surging sea of oversized vehicles with my four-year-old balancing on the back of my fully-laden touring bike left me in a cold sweat. We had planned on kickstarting our cycle touring........Read More

How to plan a cycle touring trip in 2 weeks

  Our one-way flights to Singapore were already locked in when we decided to BYO bikes and go cycle touring through South-east Asia with our four-year-old daughter Maya. we set about putting together our cycling kit in under two weeks. There was so much to research and organise it was almost overwhelming, but with poignant memories of........Read More

Raising our family on a Sailboat

  “Has Maya ever fallen overboard”  That’s the first question most people ask when I tell them that our home is a sailboat. “Wow, how amazing” they invariably say, staring at me with raised eyebrows that really say “we are never signing up for a play date at your place!” Admittedly, ours is a very unconventional lifestyle, not only........Read More

5 things you never want to hear when travelling with kids

1. “I can’t find the passports” I’m still getting over this one, but I really did utter those words in Kuala Lumpur last year when I lost our passports, all our available cash, emergency USD and travellers cheques, credit and debit cards en route to the airport. Everything! All in one tidy little package! I know, 20 years travelling and I........Read More

Australia: 10 Wild Places your Kids will Love

Of all Australia’s incredible wilderness destinations, the ones that really thrill kids and make parents want to pack their bags offer the kinds of adventurous activities that you’d never find at home and enough of them to fill the day. 1. Northern Territory: Bitter Springs It’s the best snorkelling adventure you can have away from the reef: a........Read More

Taking risks with your kids

A week ago when my usually surefooted four-year-old swung off the rigging of our catamaran and slammed into the bridgedeck window, my panic spiked as I rummaged through the blood pouring out of her mouth to check her teeth. There were plenty of tears but the teeth were all intact, so I doled out cuddles and an ice pack and took a great photo of........Read More

Wild about Burma

Burma might not seem an obvious choice for travelling families, but with instant online visas, ATMS now operating throughout the country and a travel itinerary linking four wildly child-friendly destinations, this alluring, easily accessible nation is rapidly climbing the must-see list. The country’s people are generous and welcoming, the sights........Read More

Babes in the bush

David and I kickstarted our ‘camping with kids’ foray in ambitious style, taking our four-week-old newborn on a five month-long assignment for Australian Geographic back in 2012. Blissfully ignorant of what lay ahead, it was a baptism by fire, parenting our little bundle 27,000km around Australia in a tiny off-road van. In all, we wrote one book........Read More

Backpacking with Kids

I sometimes set out for a day with my daughter hauling so much stuff that I swear my partner thinks I’m leaving him: great, bulging bags crammed with library books and lunch boxes, swimming gear and sunscreen, hats and spares and wipes and water bottles! He loves to remind me that I take less gear backpacking, and you know what? Some days it’s........Read More