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A cookbook filled with 160+ sustainable, healthy recipes for ocean-loving foodies. Written by us, full-time travellers and liveaboard cruisers, with 20 years of experience living on our Catamaran, S.V. Wild One, this book is a guide for anyone seeking to live self-sufficiently in harmony with the ocean. Perfect for tiny galleys, long passages, and beach sunsets.

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The dream of buying a boat and sailing away has never been more appealing. In recent years, how we work, raise our families and follow our dreams has all changed. More of us are seeking alternative ways to live more adventurous, more meaningful lives.

Currently cruising the wilds of Southeast Asia on our 41-foot catamaran S.V. Wild One, we are Catherine, a journalist, and David, a photographer: anglers, foragers, micro-gardeners and explorers who understand that cruising is about far more than sailing.

It’s about discovering new cultures, taking time for our passions, and living in harmony with the watery world that sustains us.

“This is a book for ocean-loving foodies striving for better health, greater self-sufficiency and a tiny footprint on the sea: sailors and boaties, anglers and divers, snorkellers and surfers, and everyone whose best adventures end with feet dug into the sand, watching the sunset with good mates and great food.”

The Hunter & The Gatherer is the culmination of all we’ve learned in two decades at sea.

With over 260 pages, 160 recipes and more than 60 pages of provisioning advice, this book shows you how to set up a galley to feed yourself long about the leave the harbour, and how to grow, fish, forage, sprout, ferment, brew and create your own ingredients, to inspire meals that will nurture you and your crew, wherever you sail.

Whether you are a seasoned salty or are just getting started on your watery journey, this book will help you prepare your galley for all the adventures that lie ahead.

There are tips to help you deal with seasickness, store food for maximum freshness, plan meals for long passages, and lots of advice about fishing (from The Hunter) and foraging coastal shores (from Catherine, the pescatarian Gatherer).

We’ve also included an entire chapter of Sweet Treats, plus recipes for food to share at sundown, breakfasts that help you rise’n’shine, and healthy meals, snacks and drinks that will keep you going when you’re on the helm.

“We call these recipes faraway food, and we create them for people who love to eat well but love to escape more.”

“Our food is for tiny galleys, long passages and perfect beach sunsets, and those times when food stocks might be low, but the fish are biting.”

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Flexible hardcover | May 1, 2023 | 260 Pages printed on FSC-certified paper | ISBN 978-0-6455226-3-1
For every copy sold, one tree is planted.


“This is a beautiful book, congratulations to Catherine and David. They’ve really made a magnificent guide for sailors” – David Colfelt, author of 100 Magic Miles of the Great Barrier Reef

We really enjoyed reading the thoughtful words on how to live with a small footprint, and the ethos, strategies and recipes behind it all. The photography is stunning! Chef Scott thinks all the recipes sound delicious. –

“After reading the intro, I just felt like I wanted to dive into this book. I would definitely recommend it to fellow cruisers. The recipes for meals to prepare for passage are great, and I loved the tips about using peppermint tea for staying awake!” –

“Absolutely fabulous book – have it on the boat – would love to know the anchorages that you have photographed. Gorgeous photography and fabulous recipes and information – thank you” Barbara Trytko

“My partner recently bought this for me and I love it, beautifully presented and handy tips and recipes and Australian. I’d like to know where some of the photos were taken.” Annie Hollywood

“I have this book and love it. We are new to sailing so it is perfect timing for us. Handy tips and great ideas to help make our first trip comfortable. Beautiful photos too! Thanks Catherine Lawson!” Angela Hourigan


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