THE SAVANNAH SERIES Ep1 Burke Developmental Road Adventure

Want to get lonely for a while?

Join us as we tackle the back road to Karumba, skirting the southern fringe of Cape York on the little travelled Burke Developmental Road. Here, wild things outnumber travellers, and big river angling and shady waterfront camps are ours alone.

After adventuring underground at Chillagoe Caves, we discover Indigenous art at Munguna, and rumble off the blacktop onto the Burke Developmental Road across the Lynd, Staaten and mighty Gilbert Rivers where overnight rain turns the bulldust into troublesome mud and things get really dirty.

Catherine & Dave

Journalist, author and adventurer, Catherine Lawson travels full-time with Photographer/Camerman Dave Bristow and their daughter Maya. Captivated by wild places and passionate about their preservation, these storytellers advocate a simple life and document their outdoor adventures to inspire all travellers, but especially families, into the world’s best wild places.

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